FSBSI “Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health”

The establishment date — June 20th, 1923.

Since the moment of the establishment, the Institute is actively developing preventive directions of the domestic medicine, being the scientific and methodical center of the country for the comprehensive study of the impact of production and professional factors on workers’ health and the development of science-based ways of improvement of working conditions in order to preserve and promote the health of employees, the extension of the life, the prevention and the treatment of occupational and work-related diseases.

The Institute works in close cooperation with the Departments, Services and Agencies of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation, other Ministries and Services, provides advices and opinions at the request of companies and organizations.

On the basis of the Institute work:

The Scientific Council on medico-environmental problems of workers’ health, consisting of 4 (four) Problem Commissions, for 2 (two) of which — “Scientific bases of occupational health” and “Scientific bases of protection of reproductive workers’ health” — the Institute is the base organization;

Centers for hygienic certification of products for industrial, household purposes and perfume and cosmetic products;

Center for the certification of works on occupational safety and certification of workplaces;

Health-prevention center.

In order to promote and popularize the hygienic knowledge and the latest achievements in the sphere of the occupational health and diseases, the Institute publishes the journal “Occupational Health and Industrial Ecology”.

At the present time the Institute is solving the problems related to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of occupational and work-related diseases. The Institute develops the criteria for occupational risks to further improve the procedure for appointment of pensions due to special working conditions.

The Institute has the license to get the additional professional education in full-time post-graduate academic education (specialty 14.02.04 — occupational health) and in practical education (specialties: dermatovenereology, occupational diseases, clinical laboratory diagnostic, neurology, therapy and radiology)